Grooming and Boarding

Until further notice, East Lake Hospital for Animals, Ltd. will not be permitting any clients to enter the facility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

****NOTE: If pet owners refuse to follow these new protocols – they will be asked to reschedule for when the guidelines are no longer in place. ****

1. In order to protect the safety of our team, our doctor and other clients, we must insist that all clients showing signs of illness that can be associated with COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc.) remain at home. Please have a healthy family member or friend bring your pet to East Lake Hospital for Animals, Ltd.

2. We are requesting that pet owners do not enter the building in order to maintain the recommended 6 foot separation/contact distances recommended by the CDC.

3. When you arrive for your appointment, please call the office at 217-446-3010 to alert our team that you have arrived in the front parking lot and what pylon you have pulled in front of. We will obtain grooming instructions, medical history and boarding instructions at this time. Please remain in your vehicle and our staff will come out to bring your pet in for his/her appointment.

4. At this time, the only items that we may bring into the clinic are medications for your pet or food for your pet. The medications must be in a ziploc bag that we may disinfect. Food must be in a plastic container that we may disinfect. No dog food bags are accepted at this time. All personal items (toys, leashes, blankets, beds, etc.) are not allowed. We will provide bedding.

5. When your pet is ready to be picked up from his/her grooming appointment, we will contact you. We will go over our findings if the pet was seen by Dr. Cooper and answer any questions you may have. Your call will then be transferred to a client service specialist that will collect payment via credit card over the phone. We ask that you please use credit or debit cards vs other payment types (cash or check) at this time.

6. Boarding animals will be released in the same manner on the day they are scheduled to go home.

7. Medications dispensed in house will be brought out to you with your pet upon completion of services.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.